Friday, January 9, 2009

Thought provoking...

This song by As I Lay Dying is pretty thought provoking. This is "The Sound of Truth." (c)

We have all heard what we wanted to hear
"Truth" that sounds right to our ears

But what wisdom is there within us
To live based on the feeling of our hearts
How many times has instinct let us down
Never to be thought through
Never to be questioned
Say what you really mean
When your ambition calls you
For what use is there in praying
If you will only hear what you want to hear?

We speak of fighting to resist this world
But what about the battle within us?
If we have chosen to live against the grain
Then why are we all facing the same way?
There is no difference between us and them
If we all blindly seek truth from sentiments

And I also thought that this song by some random band called "Laudamus" was interesting. It's called Free.

Some might think my hair is too long
Some might fear the beat of this song
So much religion, so many rules
But this is us and we are tools

He calls us to be free
Enjoy that freedom, friends
In time, we all shall see
Where man-made rules end

I might offend you by how I look
But God will not, according to His book
It's by our fruit that we will be judged
To show the world Jesus love

So keep the sheep together
No matter if one's shaved
Cause the wool means nothing
For all Christ came to save

I respect old-fashioned ways
Let's come together in His grace
Lord help us all to understand
How you can use a hard rock band


That's how I feel about Metal/Screamo.
And for those interested, I did not actually do the cow for six hours on Thursday... I was scheduled to do so, but I did other stuff instead.

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Emily said...

Both of those songs are amazing!

The first one I completely agree with, although I can never come up with the words to explain it as well as they did.

And for the second one, I agree too. I personally don't like Metal or Screamo, but I don't have a problem with it.

Yeah, I realllly like these lyrics. Thanks for posting them.