Friday, May 22, 2009

Help, please...

I need some ideas for what to draw. I've decided that I want to sell ACEO cards (about 2.5" by 3.5"), and I need some pictures or something to draw from. I think that I can draw from pictures pretty well, but when I try to draw off the top of my head, things usually don't turn out quite as good. So does anyone have any pictures of pets or animals that I could draw and sell? (meaning, you don't mind if I'm selling a work derived from your art)

So, yesterday, I did cow for five hours straight. Well, not totally straight... I did take one short break. Thankfully, I had my mp3 player to keep me going. I actually didn't feel like I was going to pass out afterward... =P

God has really been showing me lately that he knows what's best for me. It's not like I'm in any major situations where I desperately need his guidance (thought, I always need his guidance), but it's more day-to-day things that He will tell me, "No, that's not for you." Life is so much easier when I can just put everything in His hands and let him show me what to do. I'm so glad we have such a wise God. =)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I couldn't think of a good title for this blog post.

But, anyway, yesterday was pretty much amazing. I almost nothing all morning (at least nothing of note)...

Of course, doing nothing never made any day great. It was what I actually did that made the day good. =P

So, Emily and I, first, headed over to ImaginOn at around 5:30 to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. Steph, Torie, Kristina, Adam, and Matt were already there when we got there, and Kailey, Beth, and Kate got there later. The show started a little after 6... and it was AMAZING. Now, granted, considering that it was Shakespeare, there were some adult-oriented parts in there, but they were only for a few moments. I didn't know that it was a romantic comedy, so I was pleasantly surprised. =P

After the show was over, I spent about ten or fifteen minutes trying to figure out where exactly Rita's is... so, after I knew the /exact/ place where it is, Emily and I took off and got ourselves thoroughly lost. Oh, thank God for cell phones. =P I called home three times to try to figure out what roads we were supposed to turn on to get from Sunset road to Mallard Creek Church Rd... The connection I didn't make was that we had to turn onto Mallard Creek Rd. before getting onto Mallard Creek Church Rd. Thankfully, we only went a few minutes out of the way.

So, then I got a Strawberry Martini italian ice (no, it did not have alcohol in it) at Rita's. It was AMAZING. =) I'll definitely go back there someday soon.

After that, Emily, Steph, Nathan (who came to Rita's), and I went to CrossWay to hang out. A bunch of people were there, too. Little did we know that we would be "employed" to help take down the chairs for the book sale. That was kind of fun... just a bit... =P Nah, I'm just kidding. It was fun.

And tonight I am missing the Bible study at the Peatrosses. I hope I'll be able to go to one soon...

And that's about it. It was awesome to get to hang out with everyone. =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just death in rationalism

Isn't it amazing how frequently the cause of our sins is in rationalizations? I think one of the big ways that teenagers rationalize is by convincing themselves that they are "the exception." For example (I have not done this), if I were to convince myself that I could listen to a secular band that contained immoral lyrics and not be affected by it. I really would be fooling myself. Anyone who says that the world will not affect them is just fooling him/herself.
Now, I'm not saying that the world affects people differently. Some people can take in more exposure to the world than others and not be affected as much. The fact is, though, that everyone is affected by the world. The affect may be slight, but it will show after years.

The title of my blog post is from a song by Becoming the Archetype called Evil Unseen:

There is a pattern of deception growing
Feeding off of our ignorance
It won't let go! Until we let go
It wants control! Just take a leap of faith
So many times we doom ourselves
But the root is always the same
We exchange our faith for rational thought
We trade our conscience for advanced reasoning
But there's no love in thought
Nothing that lasts in deduction
There's no hope in justifying wrong
Just death in rationalism
I am not of this world
And science cannot explain me
I will transcend death
This body will not contain me
This evil unseen must be defeated
This pattern must be destroyed
It hijacks the mind
It distorts our perception
Perverting the truth 'til it's gone
It won't let go! Until we let go
It wants control! Just take a leap of faith
Compromising faith will doom the generations
The cancer of mind-worship leaves the spirit to decay
Compromise your faith and doom your generation
The cancer of mind-worship will leave your spirit to decay