Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just death in rationalism

Isn't it amazing how frequently the cause of our sins is in rationalizations? I think one of the big ways that teenagers rationalize is by convincing themselves that they are "the exception." For example (I have not done this), if I were to convince myself that I could listen to a secular band that contained immoral lyrics and not be affected by it. I really would be fooling myself. Anyone who says that the world will not affect them is just fooling him/herself.
Now, I'm not saying that the world affects people differently. Some people can take in more exposure to the world than others and not be affected as much. The fact is, though, that everyone is affected by the world. The affect may be slight, but it will show after years.

The title of my blog post is from a song by Becoming the Archetype called Evil Unseen:

There is a pattern of deception growing
Feeding off of our ignorance
It won't let go! Until we let go
It wants control! Just take a leap of faith
So many times we doom ourselves
But the root is always the same
We exchange our faith for rational thought
We trade our conscience for advanced reasoning
But there's no love in thought
Nothing that lasts in deduction
There's no hope in justifying wrong
Just death in rationalism
I am not of this world
And science cannot explain me
I will transcend death
This body will not contain me
This evil unseen must be defeated
This pattern must be destroyed
It hijacks the mind
It distorts our perception
Perverting the truth 'til it's gone
It won't let go! Until we let go
It wants control! Just take a leap of faith
Compromising faith will doom the generations
The cancer of mind-worship leaves the spirit to decay
Compromise your faith and doom your generation
The cancer of mind-worship will leave your spirit to decay


Emily said...

I completely agree. Great point. It's really sad how much that happens in people's lives. I think that though one thinks they are smarter to think that they can't be bothered by that, true wisdom is acknowledging one's weakness and our blindness to our sin. Even though our mortal bodies may not always see it at the moment, I think the Holy Spirit provides that wisdom to those who are actively searching for it and pursuing it :)

Anyways, those are some awesome and very true lyrics. Seems like BTA is a really neat group. Although I haven't really listened to much of their music, I sure do like their lyrics =)

Nathaniel G. said...

So true Wes, that explains why most teens act the way they do, we think we can rationalize away correction. =/

Thank the Lord we have Christian parents and others who bring correction. =)

In other words, Thank the Lord for correction!!!! =D