Friday, May 22, 2009

Help, please...

I need some ideas for what to draw. I've decided that I want to sell ACEO cards (about 2.5" by 3.5"), and I need some pictures or something to draw from. I think that I can draw from pictures pretty well, but when I try to draw off the top of my head, things usually don't turn out quite as good. So does anyone have any pictures of pets or animals that I could draw and sell? (meaning, you don't mind if I'm selling a work derived from your art)

So, yesterday, I did cow for five hours straight. Well, not totally straight... I did take one short break. Thankfully, I had my mp3 player to keep me going. I actually didn't feel like I was going to pass out afterward... =P

God has really been showing me lately that he knows what's best for me. It's not like I'm in any major situations where I desperately need his guidance (thought, I always need his guidance), but it's more day-to-day things that He will tell me, "No, that's not for you." Life is so much easier when I can just put everything in His hands and let him show me what to do. I'm so glad we have such a wise God. =)


Nathaniel G. said...

Sorry I don't have anything you could sell =(

FIVE HOURS! WHOA!!!!!!! Dude! it's no wonder you almost passed out. =O

Sorry I won't make it to youth group tonight =(

Anyway, nice post. =D

Marissa said...

So we could just send you some digital pictures to you? Because I've recently taken several of our pets . . . I'm sure they'd be honored to be so renowned. ;-)

Isn't God so awesome? He gives one the strength one needs when one needs it, and He even directs our paths. Marvelous!

Emily said...

Oh that's neat Wesley! I am the exact same way with drawing. As you probably know, I love photography. I'd be glad to send you as many pictures as you'd like! If you want pet/animals, that's great, as that's my one of my favorite photography subjects. =D Let me know what exactly you want and I can email you some stuff. Or, here is my Deviant art with just a few of my favorites:

oh, 5 hours in a cow suit would be kind of exhausting =/ Glad it wasn't too bad for you though :)

It's funny because I was about to make a post sort of like this on my blog. I totally know what you mean. It is so incredible to me how God works and how He reveals His plan for my life. Just when I start to think I have this perfect little picture for my life, He always seems to show me a little glimpse of something so much greater that He has for me. And the funny thing is, what I think seems awesome actually is so...not awesome when I start to see His plans and guidance! Like really. It's so mind boggling to me. Oh. I just had an idea for a blog post =D

Wesley said...

Yeah, if any of y'all have digital photos of pets or whatev, just send them to me (I think y'all have my email). I would absolutely LOVE to draw whatever you have.

I wonder if it seems like I'm "cheating" that I'm drawing from a picture...

Yes! I totally know what you're talking about... that idea... that we have a "perfect little picture" of what our lives should look like, and then something changes. A lot of times, I don't respond well to those changes. But then after I remember that God /always/ works for our good, I realize that any change is a good thing... change is never for the worse when you think about it that way. =)