Thursday, June 11, 2009

There is a void

I've just been thinking about how when we put sin to death, kill sinful desires, there needs to be something put back in its place. Unless we're putting godly desires in the place of the sinful ones, they sins will grow back. Sin can never - in this life - be completely killed. It will grow back over and over unless we keep killing it. And equipping ourselves with God's Word makes it easier and easier to kill the weed of sin. The Bible is kinda like the spiritual weed-killer. And it does work. Guaranteed. =P

Oh, and I got a new computer. It's pretty sweet. It takes less than 30 seconds from turning the computer on to opening an application. 'Tis nice. =)

I've been having a sort of musical writer's block lately... it's rather annoying. =/

Abadeebadadabada... that's all folks!


Emily said...

True, true....but it's def. a good reminder. It's one of those things I often forget when trying to fight against my sin. Much like a cavity and a filling ;)

Oh, it sounds nice :)

Steve said...

Yep, the good old "Putting off & putting on."

I haven't heard the spiritual weed-killer analogy before.

Nathaniel G. said...

Wes that is so true, it makes me wonder why I often think the battle against sin is just a one-time stand. =/

Great insight Wes, I appreciate it dude. =D