Sunday, June 28, 2009


Nathan here!

Well, Wesley hijacked my blog, so i'm hijacking his!! Hehehehe *evil cackle* This will teach him to log out of his account when he walks away from his computer! Hahaha. Yep i think i'm asking for it, but i couldn't pass up the opportunity :-) Have a great day folks! Take it easy and make sure you take some time to tell Wesley how awesome he is!! :-D (Because as we all know, he is awesome!) Well I gotta get back to recording now and get off before Wes catches me =P peace yall!



Em Joy said...

lol, what a funny little war! Oh and yes! Wesley, you are an *awesome* brother in Christ =)

Hope your recording goes well!

Nathaniel G. said...

You guys seem to be having fun with this. haha!=D