Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, I've been thinking...

I don't remember if I've mentioned this on my blog before, but I'm a really selfish guy... I know y'all probably don't see it as much as I do. What I hate is how often I'll be doing something like serving someone, and instead of doing it to serve them, I'm doing it so that I can have the pleasure of hearing them thank me... I hate how my mind works sometimes. =/

And that's about it for now. =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It never gets old

God is so good. It's kind of funny, because major things rarely happen in my own life... it's things that happen in other people's lives that make me see how great my God is. That story about little Allan down in Mexico is going to be a story that will forever remind me of how this great God touches even the lowliest of His creation.

Life is still good down here in front of my computer. So, I guess that's about it. Peace, y'all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Happy birthday, my sister (in Christ)!!! I hope that you have a wonderful 16th birthday! You challenge me more than anyone else to live a godly life: to read my Bible, to have fellowship, to pray. God has truly been honored through your life this year and through your relating to me. Again, I hope you have a wonderful day, and I pray that you will have the most fruitful year of your life yet in this coming year. =)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh, how true this is

How could I say this any better? I know I've posted this before, but it is still sooooo true. Oh, God, why don't I realize this so much of the time?

The Epigone - Becoming the Archetype

There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said
I'm just repeating myself repeating someone else
Equally incapable of uttering a single new thought
Yet you are ever worthy of adoration
So how can I for a moment cease to lift my heart in praise?
Your name is glory
My song is victory
And I will keep on singing
There is no opposition
No thing can stand in your way
Make my life your own

So, I'm really, really busy this week between school, work, Drama Camp, and writing for school. I'm procrastinating tonight, though, haha. Sometimes, I just can't get started on school, I guess. But, I guess that's about it. If y'all could pray that I'll have the strength to get through this week and still get an A in my class, that would be wonderful. I love you guys (and gals, haha)! Aside from God, y'all are what give me the strength to get through life.