Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I want y'all's thoughts...

Where is the line between being critical of someone and letting them know they're a sinner in need of grace? People do need to know that they have done wrong and that hell awaits them. Especially in a musical situation, though, I think that, from an evangelical viewpoint, it is best not to "shove it down their throats." I'm all for being bold with the gospel... I'm clueless about how to preach it in a musical situation without being too forward. Any ideas?

I really have been missing fellowship with a lot of y'all lately. I'm not sure what has been impeding me, but I've really been missing having good fellowship. Don't let a day go past when you're hanging out with me that you don't ask me where I've been challenged, or, as (I think it was Mr. Connolly) said, where "I've been trying to ignore God lately."

As Emily posted recently, prayer really is an amazing thing. Isn't it so funny how we can forget to pray when we need to most? In the midst of temptation, we can forget to pray. In the midst of trials, we can forget to pray. God's peace will rarely rest with us if we don't pray.

I've decided that I'm going to study a particular topic in the Bible that starts with the letter of the day. So, since today is Tuesday, I'll study troubles... If I find something interesting any given day, I'll post about it.

That's all for now, folks!

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Em Joy said...

So you're asking more about talking to non-Christians, right? Well, first off, I'm not real supportive of the 'scaring people' into being a Christian. Yeah, they need to know about hell and that the devil is still alive today, but I think along with that has to be a message of grace, God's love and hope. But I think that's what you were saying too...

For /us/, not to be critical is one thing and it's a matter of checking your heart and making sure your motivations are right in confronting one's sin. But whole other thing is making sure the /person we're trying to reach/ is not feeling critically judged. I think one thing that will greatly help here is humility and us pointing out our faults too(and why we need a Savior!), rather than just theirs. That may help the person feel a little more at ease...

I agree that trying to 'shove it down their throats' can sometimes do more harm than good. If someone feels too forced into something or they feel judged, I think it can cause their hearts to harden, which really defeats the purpose.

I think that God is so attractive. And, one of my thoughts would be to write about that beauty and hopefully give non-Christians eyes for that beauty. Rather than writing music about how 'someone is a sinner and how they're going to burn in hell if they don't accept Christ', I think that if you write about grace, love and hope, it might help them start to realize that they don't have that. And hopefully, they'll see how good it must be to have Christ and His everlasting love and all. But I realize that when one doesn't have Christ, they may not be attracted to it right away. So another good idea would be to write on how His love affects your life and apply these messages to you, rather than preaching just to others. Then, maybe one can see how God's grace changed and affects you and then see that they want /that/ too. Another thing which I think is really affective is having the writer live out what he preaches through his music. Even if his music doesn't preach in every song, having him live a Christ like example could be what makes more of a difference than the music. Your actions and how you live can be one of the best ways to witness, IMO. 'Actions speak louder than words'.

One more idea. How about finding a common ground? Like, writing about something that a lot of people struggle with or have in their lives and going from there. If you can relate to someone, I think it could draw them closer to you and take you more seriously if you 'know what they're going through/struggling with.

Alright. I will definitely be sure to ask you about your challenges and pursue biblical fellowship next time I see you. Actually, it's a good reminder for me. Good fellowship is so much more fulfilling that 'hanging out'. Sometimes I'm so worried about having a good time that I forget how good it feels just to fellowship =)

Yep, that's so true about prayer. Sometimes(at least for me), I find that I'm very quick to pray when I feel like I need something from God. For example, when I was worried about the ACT, I prayed like crazy for peace. But really, I should always pray 'like crazy'...because I always need Christ.

Really long comment here. But I have a feeling it's not that surprising ;)