Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is /definitely/ not an original title. Really. And I'm serious.


I can't think of much to post...

Um... I was in Children's ministry this morning... MP314, to be exact. The skit was hilarious.

And I hung with Nathan and Ying and Zach and Stephen and Sammy and Carter after church... and Mr. Dowdy, Nathan, and I wrote a pretty cool Irish song. Haha, yes, an Irish song. I hope everyone can get to hear it sometime.

Here's a funny picture from today...

click ^

So that was pretty much the sum of my day. I hope everyone else had a good one, too!!!


Emily Joy said...

I think it's pretty original. =P was it the one about 'God always forgives/loves'? I heard them rehearsing it the other day when we were cleaning the church.

Oh....Irish is pretty awesome in my book =D I can't wait to hear it.

haha! that's funny!

Wesley said...

I'm glad you think so. *bows*

It was something like... though we stumble, we won't fall.

Haha, yes. We're not using it for Awake, obviously. =P

You did zoom in on it, right?

Emily Joy said...


Oh, ok. That's a good idea for a song, actually.

oh yeah, of course I did!