Monday, January 5, 2009

Nothing to post #3

I'm alive. I have a psychedelic rock song stuck in my head... and it's not very well-written (a.k.a. cheesy). I'm trying to write music, but it all sounds like what I've already written, and what I've already heard. I want a piano or keyboard... and I think I will buy one before too long. I wish I could write music like Coldplay... it's so simple, but so good!

Here's a random thought... I don't understand how people can go through life without God. It just doesn't make any sense. Even when I go through several hours without thinking about God, I feel terrible. There is no purpose in life... when you don't have God. Everything is meaningless. I want, in my music, to, quoting Disciple, give purpose to melody. I want to sing a new song to the Lord.

Is it just me, or was today rather depressing. I just don't like cloudy days, I guess...

I think that we have enough material to start recording for Awake. We (Nathan, Eric, JP, me, whoever else...) should actually record something, just to get people pumped about Awake. I've written five or six songs, now, that are pretty good, so we can get going soon.

That's all for January 5, 2009. =)

Oh, and I get to register at CPCC on Wednesday... =D


Emily said...

Isn't it annoying when that happens? Coldplay is amazing.

I completely agree.

Yeah, I don't like cloudy days either. they are depressing.

I can't wait to hear it, Wesley! I'm sure it'll be amazing.

Coolio! Is that when you find out if you make it into any classes? I'll be praying that everything goes well.

Wesley said...

I would say... don't expect to much from Awake, but it will be pretty good. =)

No, that's when I find out if I can get into the classes that I want to... thanks for praying. Just pray that I'll be able to get the classes that I need. =)

Emily said...

haha, ok, whatever you say.

oh, I see. I most definitely will pray for you!