Monday, January 19, 2009

I do care that I shall die

This is a song that I wrote the music and lyrics for. This obviously doesn't apply to me, now, because I don't fear God's final wrath. It is more of an evangelical song.

|I do care|

I am a murderer
My hands are drenched in blood
My lips, now, drip with lies
My feet run to disaster

And I do care
That I shall die
That I shall burn
In the lake of fire

I am a prisoner
My hands are chained by sin
My lips, now, cry with pain
My feet tremble with fear

And I do care
That I shall die
That I shall burn
In the lake of fire

I want to escape
To be rid of my sin
But God can't accept me
I'm too far gone

[long instrumental lament]

Thus says God,


No matter what you've done
I will forgive you
No matter what you've done
I will accept you

I don't care
If I should die
(I can't) be consumed
(Though the) end draws nigh [repeat]


I know that it is a rampant idea in today's society that "God can't love me." This is far, far, far from the truth however. I don't remember where this saying comes from, "I may not be perfect, but Jesus thought I was to die for." He loved us so much, that he died for us. Is that not proof enough of His love for us?

I haven't finished recording the song yet, so if you want to hear it, you will have to wait. =)



BJ said...

Those are some amazing lyrics!

Wesley said...

Thanks. =)

Steph said...

Wow, Wes this is really good. (I'm not exaggerating.) You've got talent.
Email me the song whenever you finish recording it.

Your Sis,

Wesley said...

Hey, Person!

I definitely will email it to you. I might wait until I actually record real instruments, though, so you don't get an incorrect image of what it will actually sound like.

Emily said...

Those are some amazing lyrics. You always seem to write music that is so true and hits the nail right on the head without being the least bit cliche. Great job!

Email it to me too whenever you record it. I can't wait to hear it!

Wesley said...

Thanks, Emily. =) I think the reason is that I write from life experience and from experiences of others... so it relates to people. But I try to work Biblical truths into my songs, too.

I certainly shall email it to you. =)

Mark said...

Dude, I want to follow your blog, but I can't. Help me out.... Where is the regular "Follow This Bog" link?

And awesome lyrics. I think I went to get together with you or you and Nathan or something sometime and write some music.

Wesley said...

I'm gonna put it back up. I took it away for some reason...

Yes! That would be amazing. I would love to do that sometime.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind if I offered some bit of critique?

I write lyrics myself...not so good ones, but yes. I attempt nonetheless.

Your song is nice, it's just a bit...simple. A bit plain. Like the bare limbs of a tree, without any leaves. You have a crystal clear concept, but try...alliteration and metaphor. Some subtle imagery to convey things. Use poetic tools and expression...really convey the fear of the sinner. Describe. The concept of "show, not tell" isn't reserved only for prose.
Good job though. Keep writing.


Wesley said...

Yes... haha. I forgot about that rule. Thanks, Stephanie. =) Showing really does make more sense to people in music than telling for the most part.

Emily S. said...

great song! :)

Emily Joy said...

I did a drawing last night that was inspired by this song. Cool stuff.