Thursday, January 8, 2009


Savior by Disciple

Laughter, that's so part of her
Is something that we haven't heard
In such a long long time
Replaced with crying long sleepless nights
She needs your power Lord
Pour it all over
In her darkest hour Lord
Pour it all over

'Cause I know You love her more than I could love her
You've already given more than I could offer
So I put my hope in You.
'cause I know You can save her
Jesus, Savior

The problem hidden inside
Is screaming something's not right
And I would lay down my world
To reach out and fix what's broken in her

Deep within every stripe is the hope that I find within You


I really love this song. I just felt like posting it...

I get to do 6 hours of cow-duty today. Pray I don't faint. =P


Emily said...

ohhh, I like this song. I think I've heard it...I'm not sure though.

come on, don't you love being a cow? B)

Wesley said...

Oh, I love being a cow!!! It's just six hours of it... I'll need to take in a /lot/ of liquid.

Emily said...

oh, I'm sure. =P Do you ever have little kids be deathly afraid of you?

BJ said...

Yeah.. see..
I was the little kid who was scared of everything..
Santa Claus.. Easter Bunny, Chick-fil-a cow...

That song is awesome btw.

Wesley said...

Oh, yes. There are some kids who I cannot come within like 50 feet of. I wonder if they have nightmares about me... haha. It really makes me sad when kids are scared of the cow, though. I know it's nothing personal, but I'd rather that they like me... =/

Emily said...

Sophie is still to this day terrified of anything like that. Yeah, it's a lot more enjoyable when people like you, haha

Wesley said...

Haha, I won't tell her you said so...

Life is just better that way. Which is why I try not to "scare" anyone or offend them...

Emily said...

lol! indeed =D

Morgan said...

thats one of my favorite songs EVER.

Wesley said...

Haha, glad to know that other people are really into Disciple. =P