Friday, October 10, 2008

Trying to not laugh

It's a lot harder than you'd think... and I'm attempting it. I already failed.

If you're anything like me, it's almost impossible to go ten minutes without chuckling (or giggling in the case of a girl). I went for about two hours without laughing. It was very difficult. Yeah.

But, laughing is good for everyone, so don't try to not laugh to often. =)

Q222 band practice went well last night... I'll let y'all know what songs we're doing (or potentially doing):
Marvelous Light
Yesterday, Today, and Forever
Great in All the Earth (Starfield)

Peace, everyone!


Emily said...

Oh, I totally can relate! I laugh like, all the time.... Laughter is an amazing gift...I couldn't imagine the world with out it :D

yay...we get the inside scoop! Cool. I love Starfield, as well as Vickie Beeching!

Nathan said...

My friend, all i have to do to make you laugh is to just not laugh myself.. apparently my "serious face" is just too much for you =P Yeah man i'm looking forward to tomorrow night... annnnddd... i've got a surprise for every one of the people there... that's all i'll say.

Wesley said...

Yes, laughter certainly is a gift we all need some of.

Okay... I shall try to not think of what the surprise might be. lol

The person that I invited (David) is coming to Q222! Yes! So be ready to meet him (he's very outgoing, so it'll be pretty much unavoidable... lol)!

Emily said...

ohhhhh.....I love surprises, lol....

Cool! Is David from your work?

Anonymous said...

Dude if there wasn't laughter i dont know what to do with my self.


Wesley said...

Yep, David does work with me... like once a month... we're on opposite shifts. =(

Ron - We would all "curl up and die..." haha. Seriously, tho, we probably would.