Monday, October 20, 2008

And My Hands Were Stained

I once was lost in a kingdom, one with few road.
I was simply following everyone else on the highway.
I thought I was in the best lane, but in reality, they all led to the same place.
But a voice called out to me from the roadside,
"You're going the wrong way! Don't you see the fire at the end of the road?"
But there was fog, so I couldn't see what he spoke of.
Suddenly, as if a lens was removed from my eyes, I saw the end of the road.
I saw the smoke that poured from Sheoul.
I saw the footprints that I had left; they were abominations, written in blood.
My whole body was covered with filth.
Blood dripped from my hands, the blood of the martyrs.
"What have I done?"


It truly is a sad state we're in before we're saved. When we see our sin in light of God's amazing love and grace, it seems so much worse. Our sins were abominations to him. We were headed in the wrong direction. But he called out to save us, and told of his sacrificial life and death. What wonder is there in this?


Nathan said...

Did you write this? I like it :-)

Wesley said...

Yep, yep, I wrote it... I can't remember what it was in the Bible that made me think of it... I was listening to Secret Garden (a band) while I wrote it, though.

Emily said...

wow, Wes. That's amazing.