Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Disciple Rocks

Yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to find that my Grandparents were spending the night. I seriously had no idea that they were coming. I wish this would stop happening to me...

Fight for Love by Disciple

The body’s failing, and my heart is breaking
Hell is awakened, the souls it’s taking
We’re taking back where they belong
You cannot make us stop
You’ll never make us stop
It’s not about the songs, it’s about our God

Who will stand and rise against injustice?
Take up the cause of the unwanted ones?
Who will stand to fight against us?

We live, we fight
We live, we die
We fight for love

Church windows breaking from people living outside the walls
The bride must be ready for Jesus’ imminent return


Disciple is one of the best Christian rock bands /ever/. If you get a chance, look them up on Playlist. The reason I'm posting this is to promote their new CD, Southern Hospitality. I've heard a sample of their new CD, and I think it will be even more amazing than Scars Remain. It comes out on the 21st, for those interested.

I'm not sure if the image is copyrighted or not, but to be safe... (c) 2008 Disciple & disciplerocks.com

I've got PSATs tomorrow... I hope I shall do well, 'cause I didn't study all that much... oh, well. =)


Nathan said...

Wow whadya know... i got PSATs tomorrow too! What a coinkidink. Looking forward to the new Disciple CD!!

Emily S. said...

i luv that song! :)
i'll be praying for you to do well tomorrow!

Emily said...

You're lucky to have grand parents near by! Both sets of mine are 15+ hours away...

I haven't listened to much of Discple's music, but those lyrics look good :) I'll go check them out!

I have the PSAT tomorrow as well and I didn't really study much either, lol! I'll be praying for both of you guys tomorrow! btw, where are you taking it?

Wesley said...

Actually, mine aren't close by... right now they're about four hours away, or so, and normally, they're about eight hours away.

They're modern hard rock, so if you like that kind of music, you'll like them.

I'm taking it at West Meck... I have no idea where Nathan is taking it... where are you taking PSATs, Nathan? (wolf)

Anonymous said...

Wes... what's with you saying "wolf" to Nathan all the time?!?

Hope everyone does well on their PSATs... I'll pray!

Nathan said...

Haha i'm taking it at North Meck. I think you'll be there too, right Emily? And i feel better knowing yall aren't prepared as well as you'd like, because neither am i. Sorry to be so selfish :-P

And Emily, i can guarantee you won't like Disciple, they are really hard rock. lol

Oh and Wes: wolf.

Wesley said...

It's an inside joke, Christianne... =P ( <- wolf )

I guess I was prepared enough, 'cause I think I did ok. It wasn't all that bad, really.

They're not really hard rock, Nathan... and they have really soft songs, too, like After the World, and No End at All.

Emily said...

Oh, ok(in reply to the grandparents thing, lol)....

lol, you obviously know now nathan :P

I guess I like some hard rock....but mostly not, lol! Normally I like to listen to like something really slow or soft(like celtic music or something) and then something really loud, haha! anyhow, I heard one of their songs on TV today...a little too rockish for me. But I'll listen to some other stuff soon...I'm been crazy busy the past few days...Oh, maybe I'll listen to their soft stuff :P

haha, I didn't even attempted to try to figure out the wolf thing...I just figured it was an inside joke.

whoa, sorry long comment!

Wesley said...

Yes, on the subject of Disciple, they just played almost the whole song of "Game On" by them on a MLB commercial. I was like... "wow." lol

I guess I can explain the wolf thing, but then it won't be an inside joke... but I don't care!(see the wheels turning in my brain... =P)

Anyway, here's the short of it: the idea comes from the boy who cried wolf. That's why I often use "=P" and "wolf" interchangeably. It basically means that you don't mean what you said.

Also, it's a word that I use as a sign that someone likes hard rock. No one ever really picked up on it, but I'm working on getting people to use it, lol.

Wow, it's late, I don't think that made any sense, lol. Goodnight, everyone. wolf

Emily said...

haha, well....when /I/ use :P or =P, I just mean I'm kidding or kinda like I'm teasing I guess....idk, I guess I don't think about it that much.