Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Second post...

Hello reader,

I thought I should have something fun/exciting/boring for my second post. So, I shall try to inform the reader of the best VST plugins that are out there. Now you can decide if it is fun, exciting, or utterly boring. =P


DSK BassZ: a good bass plugin... 24 bass sounds

DSK OranZe: a nice modular synth with a 32-step sequencer (which unfortunately doesn't work on my computer... haha)

DSK Ethereal PadZ: very warm, (ethereal) synth pad

Super Drum FX: just got this one today... comes with a nice .wav library and is very versatile

Atlantis: Modular synth


FreeAmp 3: Overdrive, Cabinet Simulation, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Wah, Tremolo, Reverb, Delay... you name it, and this amp simulator can do it!

Aradaz Amp Green: nice clean and distorted sounds

Rea plugins: Equalizer, compressor, delay, and a few others

That's about all that I use a lot.

I think I shall post something of more general interest tomorrow... this was for all of my geeky friends. =P



Anonymous said...

I didn't make any sense out of that... =P

Wesley said...

Like I said... it's a geek thing. =P

Emily said...

I don't even know what VST stands for....virtual sound something or another? hahaha!

but it's cool :P

Wesley said...

Yeah, I think it's virtual sound technology... I think.

Do you use it, or just know about it?

Emily said...

lol, no, I don't even know about it. That was just a guess :D But, I mean, it does sounds cool though.... Is it for recording or what?

btw, is the charlie thing an inside joke or something? Or did you just randomly decide to make that your blog title?

Wesley said...

Yeah... here's the gist of it...

VST plugins are application extensions. Basically, they're little applications that require a larger application as a host. Each VST plugin acts as either an instrument (such as a guitar) or an effect (such as an effects pedal). But, yeah, you can record the sound that comes out. =P They're mostly useful for instruments that you don't own... e.g. I like synthesizer VST plugins because I don't have a synthesizer myself. Anyway, you'd have to see them demonstrated in order to really understand. =)

Actually, Charlie has been my nickname (although no one called me it) for seven or eight years. Since "charlie" is part of my URL, I thought it would be funny to say that it's not my name after all. lol

Emily said...

oh ok, cool! That's sorta what I was thinking it was... except a little less techy :P But thanks for explaining!

haha, nicknames are fun! ok, that makes sense now!

Nathan said...

Ah yes... VST :-) Great job explaining them Wes. I'm gonna look up a couple of those, and i might post some of my own when i get a chance :-)

crispin [Adam Davis] said...

hi, i'm a friend of nathan's and i happened across this post... what host application do you use? are these freeware plugins? thanks.

Wesley said...

Hey, Adam! I know who you are, actually... =)

I use Cantabile Lite as a host application. Yes, they're all free.

You're welcome! =)

crispin [Adam Davis] said...

lol cool! i guess emily told you about me?

thanks again... do you wire a keyboard into your computer, or work straight from the comp? i've been thinking about getting a midi cable for my keyboard, but they're really expensive... however, the capabilities of VST are beginning to convince me.

Wesley said...

Actually, I first learned about you from Josiah.

I actually mostly just use my computer's keyboard as a midi controller. It doesn't work that well, but that's all I've got for now. The other thing I do is I use a program called Mu.Lab, in which I can write midi files. Mu.Lab is also compatible with VST plugins and midi controllers. So, that's about all I do. Yup.