Thursday, October 23, 2008

[last night]

Sorry I haven't posted lately... I have been busy writing music (of course). I haven't had time for much else, really... with the exception of school. =P

So... what's been up besides that? Nothin' much, as I implied above. Just enjoying the nice cool fall weather (that was a lot of adjectives, lol). Now that I've heard some previews from Southern Hospitality, I want it... like a lot. I guess I'll have to get it soon. lol

Aaaaand Nathan got an Awake website up (and not running). I dunno when it'll be ready for the public to view, but when it is, I'll post the link! Of course, everyone who reads this blog probably reads Nathan's also, so it'd be kinda pointless. =P

I feel like eating cotton candy

To many purple butterflies, Watson!

For goodness sake, shut the door!

OMG! A turnip!


Whoa!... that was weird. And I wasn't even listening to Pink Floyd!!! =P

1 comment:

Emily said...

coolio! I can't wait to see the site.

haha, you're funny :P