Friday, November 28, 2008

Something to remember

Even in this world of communication, there are a lot of lonely people. I feel lonely sometimes, even right after chatting with friends and stuff. Why do I feel lonely?

I think the reason that people are lonely, or a large part of the reason, anyway, is that they don't have, or have very little fellowship. If I have goofy conversations for an hour, I'll feel empty after I'm done. If I have even a little fellowship, though, I know that the conversation was not in vain.

Anyone have any ideas/comments?

Oh, and I had a great Thanksgiving!


Emily S. said...

I totally agree with you, Wes.

Emily said...

I totally agree and know what you mean as well.

I really appreciate any friends of mine that are able to direct a regular conversation towards the Lord. I have been trying to work on that as well. It is something I also really love about Crossway's way of thinking. At past churches, it would have /never/ been normal for me to sit down and be talking about how I'm doing spiritually or how the Lord was working in my life. Crossway has really challenged me in that and I think that is awesome.

So, yeah, I totally know what you're saying!

Oh, glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Wesley said...

Although it is more common in CrossWay, I think that the teenage guys (in particular) could grow in it. Me the foremost, of course. =P

Emily said...

That may be the case[you would know better than I would]. I'm sure it may not come as naturally to guys to express themselves in that way. I know I'm not generally the type who would be that way.... We all have something to work on...even better when friends can work together on it :D

Wesley said...

Yes! That's what I'm looking for.

Emily said...

yeah, definitely something we[all of us teens] can work on together and challenge each other in :D

Matt said...

i know exactly how you feel!