Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Epigone

The Epigone by Becoming the Archetype

There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said
I'm just repeating myself repeating someone else
Equally incapable of uttering a single new thought
Yet you are ever worthy of adoration
So how can I for a moment cease to lift my heart in praise?
Your name is glory
My song is victory
And I will keep on singing
There is no opposition
Nothing can stand in your way
Make my life your own


Yes, it is screamo. But it's my favorite band, and their lyrics are amazing also.
An epigone is an undefined follower or imitator, btw.

I'm definitely not happy with the outcome of the election, but I'm not too sad, either. I know that God will complete his purpose through Obama, even though I can't see how. Ah, well, it's in His hands.


Marissa said...

I've been feeling that way this year about music, writing, singing, etc. What can I add to the world that hasn't been already added? How can I play that song any differently than someone else? How can I write an essay or a story that is interesting because no one's written about it before?

But I don't have to, like "The Epigone" says. I just have to give my all and worship God, not worrying about "adding something new" or anything like that. I hope that made sense . . .

Thanks for posting!

Wesley said...

Wow. I've never heard a song interpreted that way before. That did make sense. I hadn't really thought of it that way before. Thanks!