Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay, so I haven't posted in a while (yet again)... BUT! I am posting now, so all is well.

So, I have been thinking about a few things lately...

1. Serving requires sacrifice. I had never really thought about it until recently that serving really does require sacrifice.
Some things, like opening the door for someone, require sacrifice of pride. That kind of sacrifice has an immediate effect on the server and the served (I guess that's the word I want to use). The server is moved along in the process of sanctification by becoming more humble. The served person is served (who would have guessed?). Those kinds of things are the easiest for me, because I can see the immediate effect it will have on /me/.
Other things, though, such as serving in children's ministry, require a sacrifice of time and, in a small way, relationships. When I'm helping in children's ministry, or in the Starting Point class, or doing drama team, etc, I don't get to talk to my friends during that time. If you know me very well, I usually go to church at like 7:30, and, besides setting stuff up, I like to talk to my friends who come early. So, when I'm doing children's ministry, I have to sacrifice a total of about an hour of conversation. When I do drama team, it's about an hour and a half, and the same for the Starting Point class. I really like to hang out with my friends, so doing these things really is a sacrifice for me.

What prompted me to think of this? "All I Have is Christ," duh! Really, though, it did. In the end, I'm not serving the kids in Children's ministry, or that person that I open the door for. I'm serving Jesus. If all I have really is Jesus, then serving should be a joy. When I serve, I'm worshipping Him. That's all that really matters in the end. It's worth much more than my time spent with friends, talking or just hanging-out (I know y'all know it's so. =P )

That song has really affected so many people...

2. I need to start working on evangelism. Last night, at Care Group, we talked about our "One Life" person. Again, if you know me well, you would know that I don't have a One Life person. This is mostly from my ignorance of the world around me. The media and nominal Christians have so blinded me to this dying world, that I find it hard to see the immediate surroundings as a ground for ministry. I need to start taking more of an interest in, especially, my co-workers' religious views, church background, political opinions, etc. I know that God will open the doors for evangelism through that.

3. I'm still trying to write music for Awake... my only frustration so far has been that there is no such thing as a good, free guitar virtual instrument. I've tried DVS Guitar, DSK Electric GuitarZ, SuperRiffGuitar, LemonStrum, and a few others, but none really sound like a real guitar. I guess I'll have to wait until we actually record the "real deal" for there to be a real guitar sound in my songs. Oh, well.

That's about it. I hope there was something in at least part of this post that intererested you. =)


Marissa said...

Well, something did interest me . . . I really don't know what "Awake" is. Maybe I've missed something - I tend to do that.

And I really liked your first point of how serving requires sacrifice. Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Wow, I can really relate to the first point. In fact, what you said is sooo much like what I have been thinking about recently.

And, CM is a great example for that...I'm the exact same way.

In care group we've been talking about this type of stuff. It has really got my mind going. And I have really realized my sin in that. What you said about how serving having a positive impact on you can be your motivation to do something is so true.

I know I do find pleasure in helping people, working with kids, and volunteering for somethings....that's not always the case, but it often times is. But then I realize that[a lot of times] I'm not volunteering to do that to please God or to sincerely want to help, but instead, have attention be brought to myself, or to have someone tell me how much the appreciate it and sing my praises. I do believe that this is not /always/ the case and with God's help, He can help me become more selfless. But it is our[our at least my] nature as a sinner.

^I'm not sure if anyone understands that or not.^

About your second point, I have kind of struggled with that too. For myself, I'm home schooled, I don't have a job, I don't take any classes with non-Christians and all my neighbors are Christians. This makes it very hard to do anything, even if I wanted to. I know that I could work on trying to reach out more on the occasion where I'm around non-Christians. Also, I could try to purposefully place myself in a place where not everyone is Christian....

wow, really gets me thinking.....

Can't wait to hear it!! =D

whoa, sorry that was long...

Wesley said...

That was long... but it did make sense. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a one life person either... I'm the same as like basically everyone else my age. I'm homeschooled, and I don't have a job. I don't really know any of my neighbors... I would like to be able to evangelize but there's no one to evangelize to!