Monday, November 17, 2008

Nothing to post

I really want to post Sacrifice by Tree63 again, but that would be weird, since I already devoted a whole post to it.

The trip to Maryland went really well. We were actually only gone for 48 hours (36 in Maryland). I got to meet my cousin's wife and her family, and I got to meet a few more of the Altrogges. Yes, Nathan, /those/ Altrogges. =P But, yeah, it was a good time. I only took scenic pictures, 'cause I prefer talking over taking pictures when I'm around people.

And, that's about all I've got to say... maybe I'll do like Hannah G. and post all of my favorite bands, later. I dunno.

I wrote another song (or rather finished one that I wrote a few days ago). I can't email it to anyone because it's not recorded. The guitar part is too complicated to write in MIDI. I tried, but it didn't turn out right.

Okay, that's actually all I've got to say. =)


Emily said...

I'm the same way when it comes to pictures....haha!

listing your favorite bands is always fun!

Adam Davis said...

yeah, i don't like writing in midi. i use finale notepad, and it is SO awkward. i prefer just improvising and recording, then listening to it later if i forget part of it.

our conversation about your bass got cut off!

Wesley said...

I decided to not list my fav bands, since I'd have to put people's likenesses on my blog. I don't feel comfortable with that. =/

Yeah, that's what I normally do when I get an idea. I'll sit down with my guitar and figure out the chords while singing the melody, and record it with my camera. That way I'll remember it, especially at night. =P

What exactly were we talking about? I can't remember...

Adam Davis said...

me either really. something about how 5-strings are tuned. i really want to get an upright because they are so amazing, and double as cellos when you want a nice drawn out sound.