Saturday, December 13, 2008


Thanks everyone for making my birthday so special! Yes, /everyone/! I'm not even going to try to list everyone, so, if you wished me happy birthday, you made my birthday special.

Man! I keep using words like "birthday" and "special" and "me"... huh. That doesn't sound like me at all. =P

But seriously, thank you everyone! Even if you didn't wish me happy birthday, no one annoyed me yesterday, so that was kinda special in and of itself.

I am listening to /Southern Hospitality/ right now. It's pretty good. Thank you Zach.

My Zen X-fi is charging on top of my /new backpack/, thank you Anna.

My /new shoes/ kept my feet warm this morning, thanks Mom and Dad.

I'm still not sure what I shall do with your gift, Emily. =P

And since I don't know what it is, I can't really say anything about your gift, Ying. =P

And thank you everyone who gave me cards! Y'all really know how to make a guy feel good inside. =P But seriously, I'm gonna start crying over those cards now. *tries to feel like there are tears in his eyes*

And thank you everyone who came to my /game night/.

Happy birthday Sammy! You're one of the best comic breaks in my life. It's too bad I don't get to see you that often.

Happy birthday, Brandon! Ever since I've known you, you've been very honest and helpful. Just awesome.

And I know it's not for two weeks, but happy birthday, BJ! You've been an awesome friend, too. Keep singing and playing guitar. Do not stop. Please. =)

And now that I've specifically mentioned a whole bunch of my friends, this blog post would not be complete without thanking Nathan Dowdy! NATHAN! You are pretty much my best friend. Thanks for putting up with my many idiosyncrasies, my many interruptions of conversations (which I confess I have not noticed until recently), and for listening to everything I say (not with the most attention, always, /you/ must confess, =P ). But yeah... you are... literally... Awesome.

Oh, my, goodness. Where would I be without God?!? Oh my God, my heart cried out to you from the wilderness of my sin. My heart was dying, and all I could see for miles was the wilderness, but I was delusional. I thought I was in paradise. It seemed as if water flowed all around me. But it was not water; it was only the dust of this world, this fallen world. But you reached out and touched me and lifted my eyes to you. Only then did I see the helplessness of my situation. You raised me up. As I soared from this wasteland, You held on tight to me. You told me you would never let go, and you haven't yet. I am not of this world, for Jesus, He who is in heaven, has a hold of me.

Well, that was rather poetic, I think?

If you have read this entire post, I congratulate you. However, it took me far longer to write than it took for you to read. I don't think this post would end well with the word "wolf..."


Emily said...

yes, Wes, it doesn't sound like you at all....but not in the way I think you are saying. You never talk about are a very selfless, humble person :)

Well, you'll just have to let me know what I 'got' you, lol!

Cards are awesome. I know how blessed I was on my birthday when I got cards from a lot of my friends. I think that /that/ is the best gift anyone can give :)

Your game night was such fun. I vote we have one once a month =P

Yeah, happy birthday Brandon and Sammy!! Wesley is sooo right :D

Of, course, you're an amazing friend Bethany!

haha, Nathan is awesome too =P

oh, my...very poetic :)

I /did/ read the whole thing. It is definitely not in order for you to say 'it'.

BJ said...

It was very poetic. I liked it.
Game night WAS sooo much amazing fun! seriously.
well.. maybe ever other month. cause once a month has gotten closer and closer together every year. =P

oh yes.. and i did read the whole thing.

BJ said...

haha "maybe 'ever' other month.."
Every* other month.

Wesley said...

Congratulations, you two. (for reading the whole thing) =P

We've had one a year for the past three years... I don't think we'd be able to have one every other month. =/

Marissa said...

Haha, I read the whole thing, too . . . I'm glad we were able to make your birthday "special" - that in itself is special to me, haha. I like making people happy.

Your game nights are always so fun - glad we got to come again this year!

Emily S. said...

i agree, we should do a game night more than once a year. :)

great post!

i'm afraid i didn't make your b-day very special - no card or present or anything.

Wesley said...

Marissa - I was glad y'all could come. People who like making people happy make me happy. =)

Emily - Yes, but you didn't annoy me. As I said, anyone who didn't annoy me made my birthday special. And anyone who came to the game night made it special. You did both, so you made it special. =)

Emily said...

haha, wesley....

I was kidding about the once a month thing, but yeah, it was /that/ fun =P

Nathan said...

Aw Wes you rock!! Dude seriously i am extremely happy to be your friend!! :-D you are amazzzzing and i'm just surprised that you've been able to put up with me enough to call me your friend! It really made my day reading that, thanks buddy :-D Yes, i read it all :-D

And i second the motion for a game night more often! That would be awesome. Every time it has been incredible.

Oh and happy Birthday again Wes!!!! :-D