Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Post #2

Since I still have almost nothing to update on, I'll post things as they pop into my head. These things usually turn out very well... usually.

5 hours of reading Little Women can't help my masculinity...

Parker guitars are amazingly thin.

Okay... here's something to update on! So, I just got my PSAT scores back, and I got a 191... which is out of 240. I know.... really exciting! (*is sarcastic*) But hey, that's in the top 7%, so it's not too shabby. =P

Okay, back to rambling.

I think that kid's tv shows are weird...

I love classical music... especially harpsichords.

Did you know that harpsichords were originally called virginals, then spinnets, and then harpsichords in England?

Pizza is excellent... especially pepperoni and italian sausage.

Thoughts come really slowly to me when I'm distracted by the tv.

God is good.

Oxygen is good... in a kind of similar way.


As I stated... it's very hard to think when the tv is on.


Emily said...

lol! they actually make your read Little Women? That is so funny. I haven't even read Little Women. =P

Well, you did better than me on the PSAT. I did ok, considering that I didn't study and I'm a sophomore =P But, anyhow, good job! Maybe you'll be a National Merit finalist :D

Ohmi! yes, kids shows are becoming insane. I swear, some of it is just wrong *like teletubbies*. I feel bad for the little, brainwashed children.

I agree....classical music is amazing. I love the violin, but also the good 'ole piano :)

Of, course, I agree that God is good. :)

Wesley said...

Yes, I actually enjoyed reading it. It's verrry long, though. It's like 500 pages and it's rather small print.

I keep forgetting that you're younger than me... haha. I think that I'm 2% outside of getting a commendation. Oh, well. =/

Teletubbies and the weirdest... what is it? Like boobaa or something? Yeah. I think that when I've got kids, I will only allow them to watch tv with a parent. Haha.

The only thing I don't like about classical music is that there are 2 or 3 endings that are used in almost all concertos.

Emily said...

well, that must mean you have a very wide range of tastes =P

yeah, kinda weird, cause everyone says that. But.... I'm *only* 6 months younger after all...haha. Oh, I'm sorry! Well, at least it was worth a try :)

oh yeahhhhhh, boobaa, or however you spell is like the creepiest of the creepiest. haha, I was just thinking that. oh, now this is incredibly disturbing and possessed: I find most TV to be a waste of time anyways except for a few exceptions.....

Oh, that is true...

Marissa said...

Little Women was a maddening book. Grr, none of the characters did what I wanted them to do . . . and that creepy, old guy at the end that she marries is just weird. Anyway.

I was actually happy with my scores, surprisingly - and I did better on the math part than I expected. I don't remember my exact score, though . . .

I think harpsichords sound neat, but I would hate to learn on one - I like my pedal. And I have never been able to sufficiently play Bach music, though I love listening to it.

But classical is much better than baroque, in my opinion. Beethoven is my favorite composer - playing his music makes me happy, since I actually can. :-)

And about the endings - I believe that is more common in baroque music, but I could be wrong - you probably know more about it than I do. Like, Bach used basically the same ending every time. I don't know . . .