Friday, December 19, 2008

A Call to be Faithful

I'm sick of Christian bands that don't sing about God. Most CCM bands still do, but especially Christian rock bands are drifting. I hate that bands like Emery are considered Christian, even though they definitely aren't. Even through all this, though, there are some bands that are deserving of being called Christian... August Burns Red, Disciple, War of Ages, Becoming the Archetype, David Crowder*Band, Seventh Day Slumber, Living Sacrifice, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Impending Doom and many others that I don't know about. I thank God for people who aren't ashamed to sing His praise.

Now, I don't believe that all songs written by Christian bands have to be religious, but the majority should be. And even most religious songs shouldn't be about "me" or "us"... they should be about God and what he's done, doing, and is going to do.

If Christian bands are Christian, why don't they sing about Him?

One thing that I'm glad of is that the most religious bands are my favorite ones... and the most talented.

Bands that I really want to see return to their Christian roots are As I Lay Dying, Relient K, Family Force 5, and UnderOATH. These bands are so popular! But they rarely (if at all) sing about God. How could they be so blind as to sell a million albums and not try to reach out to their audience.

Now, I'm not being self-righteous. I know that I come in contact with thousands of people every year, and reach out to only a few of them. As a people, we Christians need to work on this soooo much.

Now I have pretty much emptied my mind of all thought, and any more words would be rambling... so, end post.


Emily S. said...

i totally agree.

BJ said...

Ok so I'm not a huge taylor swift fan. But. On her Christmas album she sang about Jesus.
But. On her new album Fearless there is not a mention of God. Not once.
That makes me wonder.
Was she just singing about Jesus because it was Christmas? did she really mean it and just took the chance to say his name at Christmas because it would be more accepted?
And like. Rascal Flatts. They do sing about God. (HE Ain't the Leavin' kind) but. They do use choice words at their concerts and make beer jokes. so. I get confused. Now. I'm not sayign its wrong to drink beer. i"m fine with it. But sometimes* make jokes about getting drunk or something which is wrong. So i'm like. So.. are you a Christian who doesn't read your Bible? or. what? hahaha and this is long. but what I'm trying to say is That I agree. And this is the main reason I would want to be a recording artist. to make a difference.

Wesley said...

Thanks BJ. I know what you mean. That's why I'd like to be a recording artist also... I want to tell people the gospel!

So, yeah. I like long comments, by the way. =)

Marissa said...

Wow, this is exactly what I've been thinking. As I told Emily (Elliott) and BJ, I'm not going to expect non-Christian bands to meet up to my standards. But I am going to expect the "Christian" bands to meet the standards every Christian should meet: boldly living out the faith, without fear of man.

Also, friends have recommended songs to me that are okay (referring to God and all), but they're self-centered. And what really has been getting me lately is the ones that say, "God, do such-and-such for me now." No. God will do what He wants to do with us when He wants. Of course we have to be ready to obey Him, but we shouldn't tell Him what to do.

I'm discouraged about the lack of ingenuity (music-wise) in Christian music, but I'd rather listen to unquestionably worshipful lyrics than amazing music and questionable lyrics. Maybe that's just me.

Yay for long posts when I need to get to bed or study for my exam tomorrow . . .

Wesley said...

Because I write music, at least I think this is why, I would rather listen to amazing music with questionable lyrics than bad music with good lyrics. I think it's because I'm the kind of person that can't stand bad music, though...

What exam is it?

BJ said...

Yeah. I'm like Wesley. I can't stand bad music. Or bad singing either. And for me ALOT of your traditional Christian artists just don't sing very well.

And yes like Marissa said they normally just want what they want now. But. I really found Tenth Avenue North soo encouraging. Every single song (i think i haven't listen to the whole thing cause I have those ones that I like and apply to me more) is about God. or your relationship with God. Their music always reminds me.. or makes me realize when I'm counting on myself or others to carry me through, Not Him. And thats my standard for Christian Music.
But. you know of course I would like some Christian music to clean my room to. But.. I more listen to country when I'm doing that =P...

also. Random fact.. Every time I said "Christian" up there. I spelled Christmas instead.. sorry.

Marissa said...

I don't like bad music either. Having played the piano for nine years, I can relate. However, I would rather further my relationship with God than drift away from Him by listening to non-edifying music. I'm not saying this is you all - this is a personal conviction, because I have noticed when I listen to secular music I tend to think about God and pray less throughout the day. That's just me. :-)

Oh, it was just an exam for my C. S. Lewis class that I'm taking online. Two hours of straight, intellectual thinking . . . 'twas fuuun.

Wesley said...

Good thoughts, everyone. Good thoughts... =)

Marissa said...

I wanted to clarify that I'm not condemning good music . . . I'm always in search of a combination of good music and good lyrics. I enjoy listening to good music (even if it does not have the best lyrics), but I don't want to make it my primary musical "diet" because it's not edifying me. Anyway. :-)

Emily said...

oh, I alway miss out on the good discussions :) But really, I just posted about this right before you on my other blog....basically just saying what you said.

But, yeah, I totally agree with you Wes. to see what I have to my 'dare 2 dig deeper' blog....