Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow, snow snow...

It's snowing outside. I like snow. School might get cancelled tomorrow. That would be cool.

Well, I'd like to say congratulations to Mr. Connolly on 25 years of ministry. Congrats, Senior Pastor Connolly. =)

I'm having serious frustration (aka anger) while trying to decide on an audio input computer interface. There doesn't seem to be anything that is both good and affordable. I just pray that God will give me direction with this... I won't bore everyone with model numbers and everything, haha...


Emily Joy said...

Yeah!! there's snow!!

Yes, huge congrats to an awesome Godly pastor!!

Whoa, Wesley....what a coincidence. I remember that the other day I heard you and Nathan saying that you needed to start looking into where you can get the best deals on stuff, etc.

Well, today, we went out to eat with one of my mom's cousins who is super musical and who has his own studio, etc. I told him about you guys and asked if he knew about places to get good deals on stuff like that. He went into this long discussion on everything related to that. And I /believe/ he kept talking about audio input stuff.

All this said he was telling me about a few really good ones that you could use and one that was more affordable and good. Anyhow, I just thought that was interesting =) But, if you guys would be interested, I can get you some contact info for him. Because he is super experienced in this area and may be able to offer some help. ;) I'll be praying for you and your decision :)

whoa...long comment...sorry!

Nathaniel G. said...

Finally! A descent* amount of snow.

Congratulations on 25 years of serving the Lord Pastor Connolly!!
And keep up the good work.

I think my family is taking a snow day tomorrow, aka we get off from school and enjoy the snow. =) WOO HOO!!
All except for dad who is working from home tomorrow =( BUMMER!!

Oh well, enjoy the snow everyone!! =D

*I'm not sure if I spelled this word right.