Thursday, March 12, 2009

What has happened?!?

No one seems to be posting on their blogs anymore... except for Nathan. He's been posting regularly for the first time in months. Congratulations, Nathan! Haha... *cough, cough* Well, I wanted to break my post-less streak with a bang. Unfortunately, I have nothing to bang with. I did come up with another saying...

"Life is pointless if it is aimless"

That's something that I've been struggling with these past few days. I think it is mainly 'cause I haven't had school, so I'm just kind of "wandering around" aimlessly. That kind of life is pointless. Or meaningless, to use Solomon's words. It really is all meaningless without God.

Nathan and I tried and failed to get two band meetings together so far this week... so hopefully the last one will work out. =)

And that's about it. Peace.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. It is easy to wander. I find it helpful to get ahead in my school over break, so when i get back it does not feel as hard

Emily Joy said...

I know! Hardly anyone is posting. Anyhow, I know I'm guilty of not posting as much. But really, it's a few things.

First because I'm busy and second, because I have nothing interesting to talk about and everything that I do think of is just shallow or cliche. And I don't like to be either =/

Very good point, Wes. I can easily get into that even when I do have stuff to do. When I have a day that it pointless it leaves me feeling very unproductive and like I've wasted God's time.

Hope one of your meeting work out!

Nathaniel G. said...

Hey Wes, SORRY!! I just haven't been on the computer very much lately I'll try to do better. =D

Nathaniel G. said...

Wait a minute I don't even have a blog yet! =) haha!

Wesley said...

Nathaniel - I'm not encouraging people to be on the computer more, for sure. I do not support hours of computer time... even if I do it. Haha.

Ethan - Is the NGA a real thing? I should join it.

Emily - I know. It seems like all we had a month or two ago was just a spark, after all... not a fire. But even what little embers we have left can still turn into a blaze.

Nathaniel G. said...

Well yeah I guess we shouldn't be frying our braincells and eyeballs out by spending to much time on the computer.

An aspect of self-control and I have yet to master =D

Anonymous said...

No I made it up it stands for the nNational Gimp Association.

Emily Joy said...

Yes, definitely Wesley. Assuming you're talking spiritually(and not about our blogs, lol). I personally don't feel like that spark has left. I think we need to continue to fuel the fire, though. Because to have a good strong fire that lasts and is not quickly put out-a blaze, we need to fuel the fire with more than mere twigs. To fuel our spiritual fire and passion for Christ we need God's word and prayer and encouragement/accountability of friends and family. Just some excitement will not go far with out all of that =)

Anyways, if you're talking bout our blogs, lol, then I totally misinterpreted that...

I'll see you tonight =)

Wesley said...

Emily - I was actually talking about spiritually. It might just be me... i dunno. =/

Ethan - I know... and I'm a gimp... so I need to join. =P

Nathaniel - I do not support the frying of brain cells. =P

Emily Joy said...

I can definitely relate...I must say that the past few days I have sort of felt this way. I was just saying it's not gone...not all gone =)

Don't be discouraged. I know when I have one of those days when I'm so excited about God and so encouraged and so on fire for Him, it's amazing. But a day or two later, if that feeling goes away, it can kind of be a depressing day.

Hang in there, my friend. Pray that God will give you love for Him...because we surely can not love Him enough on our own :)

Mandi said...

Still. If you make a blog you need to keep up with it right? I know how you feel Emily when the feeling of the fire for God goes away. It is so depressing and hard to get back on track.

Nathaniel G. said...

Well Wesley, for that matter neither do I. haha