Monday, February 16, 2009

Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff...

Sorry I haven't posted or commented on anyone's blogs for the past few days... I've been super, super busy. Like, this is the first time I've been able to sit down in front of the computer and not have anything impending (an event or bed) since Wednesday.

Here is the song that Nathan and I are (hopefully, if we got a good recording...) entering into the PFO (Playing for Others) Songwriting Contest. It is about Christians who do "bad stuffs" and have a hard time coming back from that. It is written from the perspective of a friend.

Work in Progress

They tell me that you've lied
But I've seen you when you cried
They say you're a lost cause
That some things never change
But I have seen that you have tried

I don't know all your life
All your trials and your strife
I cannot read your heart
But you read it to me
Your heart was cut by a knife

I know it's hard to change
Coming from so low
You're a work in progress
God help you on the way

You say you're not that great
That your life isn't straight
You're a work in progress
You hate the things you've done
With truth I say that's great

So that's that. =) Um... I'm working like a whole lot this week, so I'm probably not going to post very much... I hope I'll get to catch up with everyone else's blog posts.

Peace, y'all!


Emily Joy said...

haha, I understand Wesley =)

That is really good. I won't be at all surprised if you guys win ;)

Wesley said...

Thanks. =)

Nathaniel said...

It's cool that you and Nathan are writing songs especially since you're writing them for God.


Wesley said...

Thanks. I hope we win, too. =)

God is all that's worth living for, so what else would we write about, y'know? That's my thought, anyway...

Emily Joy said...

yes, totally true =)

Anonymous said...

...I find it distinctly difficult to write about God. I try and try and try...I have many discarded stanzas within the pages of my notebook.

But I dislike everything I produce as it never seems to sound...right or worthy or half as nice as I would like it to sound. Of course, nothing anyone writes will be worthy...but still. *sigh*

Anyways, this song has a good rhyme but I dislike the fact that "great" is used three times in the last stanza. "That's great" seems too...informal to me. *shrug* Well-chosen topic. ^_^


Matt said...

Great song, I can't wait to see it on youtube.

Wesley said...

Stephanie - I think a lot of my music comes from God. 'Cause I'll just start writing and not stop, and it turns out great... then other times, I'll write for an hour and not come up with anything good. I guess that God is not in those words...

Actually, "great" was only used twice. I did that to wrap the stanza. "You say you're not that great... With truth I say that's great." I would be trying to encourage them, and they say, "I'm not all that great, you know..." But I reply back to them, "But you're trying to change. That's what makes a person great." And that is an actual conversation I had with someone once...

But, yeah. Good thoughts. =)

Matt - I can't wait to see it on youtube, either... soon, soon. =)

Emily Joy said...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, Wes. In a normal song, it may not sound as good, but in this case, it makes sense to me =)

Oh yes, I can't wait to see yours!