Monday, February 23, 2009

The concert....

Was amazing!!! There were six bands there, as you know, and Firebred didn't play. Despite My Failure played instead. They were all EXCELLENT!!! I want to buy all of their music!!! Aaaaaah!!!!

But, yeah. =)

This was kinda funny, 'cause the guy's mic broke... but the "sweet picking" of the guitarist on the right was AMAZING!!!

They came back right after and were just as amazing.

So the order of ceremonies was Pandora's Nightmare. They had two screamers. They were pretty good, but definitely not the best.

Next was Despite My Failure. They were just a quartet, but they were pretty amazing, too. Their drummer was kinda crazy...

Next was Rest Assured. I think they were the highlight of the evening for me, personally. The vocalist... I think his name was Sean... was amazing. He had everyone yell "Honey Bear!" at the top of their lungs. =) Also, he took a few minutes to preach. He was basically like, "People, people. I need your attention. I want no talking going on. Quiet everybody. I'm just gonna take like two minutes of your time. We're not up here because we want you to look at us, or because we want you to have fun, although that is important. We're here for one reason only, and that's for Jesus Christ. [clapping starts] No, no. Don't clap yet. Don't clap yet." [I can't remember what he said exactly after that, but the gist was that he and the other band members didn't used to be Christians. They had all turned to drugs, alcohol, and the like for satisfaction. He said that they leave you empty, but that only God can fill the void of emptiness to bring us joy. He said that Christians in "this community" need to wake up and be set apart. That we need to be a light in this community. That we need to be loud about our faith. That we cannot be ashamed about our faith... and that's about all I can remember of what we said.] And then he started the next song screaming again. It was amazing. Then about three minutes into the song, he started yelling, "Come, Jesus, consume this place! Come Spirit of God, fall on this place! Oh, Holy Spirit come! Consume us! Consume us, God!, etc." I seriously felt like crying right then, 'cause I really could feel the presence of God. It was amazing. There were people yelling stuff like "Amen!" and "Hallelujah!" and he ended the song "Jesus, no matter what happens, everything will be all right. Jesus, we'll love you, no matter what! Jesus, we'll love you, no matter what!" I think these guys are my new favorite band even though they've only released an EP.

So, yeah. Rest Assured was pretty good. =P

Next up was Onward to Olympas. That was pretty amazing because Nathan and I were right next to the screamer dude. I probably would have hit him if I started headbanging, that's how close I was. O.o But, yeah. The moshing was the most intense with them, but I liked their music pretty much the best, too.

Onward to Olympas guy -

After Onward to Olympas was Bloodline Severed. They played like ten songs, and their guitarists were definitely the best. They sang, too... I liked their music the best, next to Becoming the Archetype of course. =P

And, of course, last was BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE!!! They were absolutely amazing. They did, in the best order that I can remember, Ransom, Dichotomy, Artificial Immortality, No Fall too Far, Epoch of War, How Great Thou Art, End of the Age, Elegy, and The Epigone. As Seth was going up on stage, he stopped by me, pointed at me and said, "Hey, you preordered our album." (I was wearing the shirt that came with the preorder) I was like, "Yeah! Hey, it's good to meet you, Seth." He was like, "Yeah, it's good to meet people like you. We love people like you, so thanks." It was awesome. =) And later, I bought a poster (for only $1!!!!) and got the entire band to sign it. I was happy. =)

So God was good to us that night. I think that people were reached and affected. For a first concert, I think it was pretty good. =)

And I have almost completely lost my voice from my sore throat. It's really annoying. I'm glad that I lost it after I went to work today... it was kinda funny, though. It sounded like my voice was cracking while I was at work. One of my co-workers kept laughing at me... in a very sisterly way, haha.

Sorry for the long post... I hope y'all enjoyed. =)

Postus Scriptus (I have a horrible command of the Latin language...) : I didn't take a whole lot of pictures at the concert, 'cause I didn't think they would turn out well... but they did... Oh, well... =P


Emily Joy said...

haha, I like that picture of the guys =)

What a neat experience, Wesley! Sounds like lots of amazing stuff happened. That is super neat how the Rest Assured guy kept pointing everything to God and exalting God. I know that feeling though. The few concerts I have went to were all like that in one way or another. It's super powerful....

To me, even though concerts are tons of fun, the coolest thing is when it's like a huge worship service. And the artists are clearly there for God and not for fame. Even though the music might be an incredibly different style from what we worship to at's still worship in my book =)

Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Mark said...

It was so awesome. So awesome.

Nathaniel said...

WOW!! That sounded like an awesome experience!! And that guy from Rest Assured, what he said was kind of like what John Cooper from Skillet said at the Comatose tour.
Sorry for bringing them up again, I seem to do that allot.

It'd sort of be bad if you didn't thank God for that concert.

Matt said...

sounds like that was amazing...and loud haha

Mark said...

And yeah that picture of all of us is totally my laptop background now.