Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I love classical music. There's no music as good as an amazing symphonic piece with timpani, harp, strings, brass, cymbals, choir, etc... I love well-written classical music. I much prefer a symphony over a quartet, though... I just love that full, rounded sound that a full orchestra has.

Anyway, that was a pretty random thought.

So I got to go to an AMP band meeting today. (Thank you Nathan) We got a lot done I think we're pretty much totally ready for the performance. Adam and Mark couldn't make it to the meeting, but I think they pretty much have it down anyway. And Matt needs to play around with the lights a little more... lol. PLEASE STAY AFTERWARD FOR THE TWO BANDS THAT ARE PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though the festival is "officially over" before the AMP band and "Aphelion" (I believe it's called) play, please, please, please stick around to see us. We would greatly appreciate it.

I think that I'm gonna start writing lyrics again.... I think I've been missing out on some rich times of dwelling on God by not writing lyrics. I usually find a passage in the Bible that really speaks to me, and then just write my thoughts down in poetry form. It is so rewarding, wondering at God, I mean. He truly is so wonderful.


Emily Joy said...

I love classical music too =D

Don't worry, I'll stay ;)

I know what you mean...that's pretty awesome.

Matt said...

Classical music is cool...I like piano solos better than symphonies or orchestras.

Nathaniel G. said...

I'm not a big fan of Classical music, yeah, I know what you're thinking, PHILISTINE!! HOW COULD YOU!! haha

Well you'll need someone to do sound, and I'm the sound guy sound at the festival, so I'll be there. =D

Wesley said...

Philistine? What?

I'm glad everyone, so far, will be there. =)

Nathaniel G. said...

Look what I mean by "Philistine" is someone who doesn't appreciate fine art.

Hence, the fact that i don't like classical music.

Wesley said...

Oh, haha. I knew that... =P Actually, I really did. I just forgot.