Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anna!!!

Hey, Anna! This is yo' bro Wesley here. Yes, I'm talking to you. =P

Happy birthday! I'm so glad that you're my sister!!! Thanks for not being too hard (even if you are a bit easy) on me at work. It's been great to see you grow in leadership skills and in godliness over the past year. I can really see how attending M28 has helped you to be more "crazy" (lol) and to grow even closer to God. I love you!!! =)


I think I shall turn this into a power-metal song. (for those who don't know what power metal is, listen to the last song titled "Sign of the Cross" on my playlist)

The End of Night

The makeshift walls I've thrown up
Fall back down on my head
I thought everything was for you
I realize now I was dead

Even as I raised my hands
The curtain of sin still stood
My mind was blind to light
My thoughts left in solitude

This darkness falls upon me
An ever deeper night
Demons whisper, I listen
Avoided if I would just fight

Even as I raised my hands
The curtain of sin still stood
My mind was blind to light
My thoughts left in solitude

Now as I raise my eyes, God
I see heaven where you stand
My mind can see your great light
My thoughts restored by your hand

The night lifts as I see your face
You came down to bring me back up
I can see all so clearly now
You came down to bring me back up

It needs some work, but I think it's okay. It's something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. When I don't think about God, I can "worship" and pray, but it's all just motions. It's not necessarily because of a particular act of sin, but just from a lifestyle where I don't think about God as often as I should. He is so beautiful, why would I want to look anywhere else? He's all I need, all the satisfaction I shall ever find is in Him. I can't wait to reach heaven... then I'll have no distractions from His glory.

And that's about all I have to say, I think...


Emily Joy said...

I really like your style of writing. God has really given you a gift and I love how you use it for His glory.

Great job on the song! haha, I've never heard of power metal...but it sounds pretty interesting :)

I was thinking about that earlier today and this week too. About how I don't particularly try to /not/ think about God, but rather, I get so wrapped up in my life, I can forget about what really matters. And forget about His beauty and sufficiency for me. It's a constant thing that I have got to remind myself. But really, I find the more I grow in my walk with Him, the much more natural it is to concentrate and the easier it is to remind myself. And I think it gets easier because He just get more beatutiful to me.

I think it's neat how Mr. Humphrey was kind of addressing this today in worship....

Sorry this got so long =/

Wesley said...

Thanks. =)

Yes. I think a big factor in that is how much we pray... I find that the less I pray, the less I think about God, and the less captivated I am by Him.

Yeah, he really did talk about very similar stuff.

I don't mind long comments. =)