Friday, August 21, 2009

According to popular demand...

I am creating a new post. I hope I actually have something to say. =P

---several hours later---

Okay, so I definitely have a lot to say. =D

First, I have started back to school, this is the end of my second week. At the moment, I am doing Government and Physics, and I'll be starting Pre-Calculus soon. I'm taking an Audio Engineering class at CPCC. There's an interesting story behind that...

I was originally supposed to take the Audio Engineering class from 9 - 11 on Tuesdays. For some reason I don't know, however, my section was canceled. I wasn't notified. You can see where this is going. XD So, I showed up at class on Tuesday, and there was only one other person there who was apparently not notified either. We both waited for about 20 minutes before he finally called the CPCC office and found out that the section was canceled. So, I hung out at CP for a little while, and then came home. Thankfully, I was able to get into the same class that meets on Thursday from 1 - 3.

Needless to say, I wasn't particularly happy with how CPCC handled the situation, but God gave me grace to not be angry, so I'm not upset at all. I suppose He wants me to have a class on Thursday afternoon instead of Tuesday morning. For what reason, I have no clue, but I just know that's his plan. =)

And related to audio engineering, I have decided that I would really like to pursue some area of music as a career. That is where my passion lies, and I don't really have a passion for anything else. God has gifted me in songwriting and in playing instruments, so I believe that it may be His will. Time will tell. =)

Last Saturday, (I suppose I should have put this at the beginning of the post, but I'm to lazy to cut and paste, haha) was the first real "concert" for my band, The Awake Music Project. We played several original songs (Break Me Down, This Final Breath, Funksauce, The One I Run To, World Awaits (acoustic), and Miranda's Sister (acoustic)) and we did a newfangled version of How Great Thou Art. The show went really well. I believe that we could have presented the gospel more clearly, and I would like to have a time, just a minute, maybe, where we present the gospel at our next show.

The next band that played was The Indictment, a Christian melodic death metal band. Dude, those guys were talented!!! I thoroughly enjoyed their show, and appreciate how gospel-centered their lyrics are (though I couldn't really understand them, haha).

I've been working more lately since all of the people at my Chick-fil-A who graduated have gone off to college. I'm enjoying the extra time at work. =)

Today, Nathan and I decided we were going to try different ways of mic-ing his amp to see if we could get really good tone out of it. After this attempt and one before (plus years of attempts by Nathan), we decided that we have to use a software amp simulator instead (For those who aren't tech-savvy, I just mean a software program that we can use to model the sound of a guitar amp... basically just like having a really nice professionally mic-ed guitar amp in my computer, haha). So, we tried out several guitar amp simulators, and decided that we would get IK Multimedia's Amplitube Live because of it's very realistic sound. This product retails for about $100. We have about $80 in our "AMP fund" (change from our pockets plus a donation or two), and I'm covering the last $20. This is where it gets good, though. =D

So, I open my email and see an email from It says there's a sale going on, so I click on it just to look around. I decide to look and see if they have any amp sims. on sale, just because we are trying to save money! =P So I'm looking through the amp simulators, and I get to the /last page/, and lo and behold! There is an amp simulator that Nathan and I had looked at earlier on sale! The simulator that was on sale is Amplitube Metal(like, amps designed for the Metal genre of music), not the same one that we had been looking at, but I decided to click on it anyway. I start looking through the description of the product, and!!!! It included Amplitube Live for free, plus a whole bunch of other unrestricted software!!!! Not to mention, it includes a guitar to USB adapter so I could just plug a guitar straight into the computer, not through my mixer. All of the bundled hardware and software is easily worth $450 or so. So I'm getting really excited, and then I look at the price tag again. And it was $99!!!! So, of course, I ordered it practically immediately (though Nathan will tell you otherwise, haha), and I couldn't be more excited. I was planning on spending $99 on software that is included /for free/ in a bundle that has a ton of stuff I wanted to get when I had the extra money. So, I was gonna spend $99, and I ended up spending that anyway, but got a whole lot more than I thought I was going to. I'm thanking God constantly for providing a cheap solution to our problem. Thanks, God! ^_^

So, that's about it to update you on my life. I'm doing excellent as always, and God is always good. Actually, I was getting pretty bummed that we were going to have to "break the bank" to get an amp simulator, but I'm /really/ excited now. God is always good. =)


Anonymous said...
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Nathaniel G. said...

Well Wes, I'm glad you're giving God all the glory. Good response my friend. =D

Whew! sounds like you've been kinda' busy lately. =O

I and in case you didn't know, I'm back from PA. =D

See you soon Wes! Great post. =D

Mel said...

How awesome to see God work!! I'm happy for you all in the band...looks like it's really expanding.

That's great that you can still take that class at CPCC! Praise God!

Emily said...

Remember how you recently told me that the thing that will probably most glorify God in a situation is my response to it, more than the actual situation? I think this situation with your CPCC class is the same type of thing ;)

That's awesome that you feel like God is guiding you as to what you possibly do as a career. =) Very exciting! I can most definitely see you doing that in your future. I look forward to seeing what God wants me to do, because right now, I don't have much of an idea, lol.

Yes, the concert was great, as I have already made clear to you guys ;) I agree about presenting the gospel. Just keep in mind that you can never mess up God's plan. And, just how you all acted could have been a light to someone. You never know =)

The Indictment was very talented as well!!

Glad you've been working more. I'm sure that's nice! =D

Hm, so this is what all that excitement on FB was about! Very awesome. God is good!

Nathan said...

Haha well i just now saw this post! Haha i really can't make any comment on it, just to say yup, yup, yup, and YAYYYYY OH YES YES!!! (to the amp sim sale =P) Everything else you've already heard haha. Keep posting too, i'm getting ready to post my blog now... :-)

Nathaniel G. said...

Hey Wes, I know you're busy but...NEW POST PLEASE!!!! =D

Nathaniel said...

Where did you all go? Y'all on Facebook or something? =O