Sunday, September 26, 2010

British Literature

I hate reading poetry for school. How in the world does it apply to my life?... I don't know, but hey, I get college credits for it, so it's whatever. XD


Anonymous said...

I hate reading poetry for school, too. But I like reading it of my own accord. =P Oh, well. Sometimes it's fun because it might give you a window to something you enjoy. Like, if you read a poem by one of the Bronte sisters and realize you really like their poetry, then you've just opened a new world of pleasing entertainment. ^_^ Haha.

Wesley said...

The problem is that I haven't read poetry for school yet that I particularly enjoyed. XD

Emily said...

haha, my problem is that poetry confuses me. When I have to read it for school and say that the author really means, I am always waaay off, haha.

But I really do appreciate when it makes sense and I don't have to try an analyze it :)