Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yo peeps

So, I really don't have a lot to say, or a lot of time to say it. But, I will say that AMP is hitting the studio up this month to record our EP and our single release 'This Final Breath' is out... it will be on iTunes and other music stores in a month or less.

Aaand God has been really good to me by giving me the power to keep up with my Bible reading better. Keeping up a more regular schedule has really helped keep God as the the center of my life rather than me... isn't it funny how we can so often think that we are the center of the world? It's not a conscious thought, but our entire worldview is with the perspective that we are what matters, not God and others.

So... that's my blog post. Hopefully I'll update more frequently in the future. =)


Emily said...

Yay! I am excited!!

Awesome Wes. So true. We are very self centered beings. That is why we constantly have to fight our flesh to be more selfless and to keep God in the center.

Nathaniel said...

Cool Wes, yup it's really cool how God shows us that we're not the center of the universe, we only think we ARE... God's grace, God's grace. =D

Nathaniel said...

I'm not sure if that made much sense....Or if you were like WHAT? and then you were like HUH? ;D

Yes I throw in movie quotes all the time =}